Malaysia Memory Championships

Malaysia Memory Championship is started from 2016 and organize by Malaysia Memory Sports Organization and leading by First Malaysia's International Master of Memory - Mr. Teo Kim Foo. He is also the first Level three Arbiter in South East Asia certified by WMSC, which qualified to run a continental memory championship and results are recognized by World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) and results to be included in the World Rankings table.

These competitions take many different forms. At a competitive level, there are specific disciplines which were first created in 1991 by the founders of the sport, Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE. These disciplines have evolved into a common competition framework that has enabled international competition to take place.
Ten different disciplines are conducted over 1-3 days and consist of the following events:

1. Names and Faces
2. Binary Numbers
3. Random Numbers
4. Abstract Images
5. Speed Numbers
6. Historic / Future Dates
7. Playing Cards
8. Random Words
9. Spoken Numbers
10. Speed Cards